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NYC Teen Author Festival
Last week I got to meet with wonderful creative writers and listen to some of my heroes talk about writing at the #NYCTAF - it was fairly epic. Each author was more sparkly and entertaining than the next and I left soaring on wings of inspiration. But my very favorite part was watching YA authors interacting with actual young adults. That's the part I really get. Telling young adults, "I see you." Letting them know, "What you are feeling is important. What you are going through is important. You are important."
It's pretty much the coolest job. Oh, and hey look, I happened to run into Stephen Chbosky in the hallway. Dude is a straight-up rockstar.
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The REAL PROM QUEENS book launch! (last month)
The fact that my second book's launch party happened about a month ago and I'm just now blogging about it is a pretty good measure of just how busy I've been. Mind you, I've managed to scrape together the time to catch up on all of my favorite television shows (Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the newest obsession) but still, pre-tty darn busy over here.

Although it involved temperatures in the teens, thinking about my book's party still brings up all the warm fuzzy feels. I wasn't as nervous this time around since I've had more experience public speaking plus I wasn't afraid of people not showing up because my friends and family are made of AWESOME! It was truly everything a book launch should be... an excuse to put on an ugly prom dress, hand out tiaras and sashes, and eat lots of cake!

For those who weren't there, here are some photos of the fun you missed!

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And here I am making a fool of myself in my VERY unflattering green dress discussing The Real Prom Queen's journey from inspiration to this amazeballs party. Thank you to everyone who came and made it so very special!

Prom Queens Gone Wild
I can't believe my book's birthday is actually here! THE REAL PROM QUEENS OF WESTFIELD HIGH is being released into the wild! Many authors write long, reflective blog posts to celebrate their book's release days and I think that's awesome. But all I have time to say is, "Squeeeee!!"
That pretty much sums it up.

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Sh*t Reality TV Stars Say
To properly celebrate the upcoming release of THE REAL PROM QUEENS OF WESTFIELD HIGH I made this fun little book trailer type thing. I promise no microphones were harmed (much) in the making of this video (but you may want to cover the dog's ears).

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Launching Prom Queens
Okay, so this blog title may conjure up the image of girls in prom dresses flying through the air (which is actually not so far from the book's climax) but it's referring to the upcoming LAUNCH PARTY for THE REAL PROM QUEENS OF WESTFIELD HIGH. My second novel is a dark comedic reality show satire and acts as a send-up to the product placement stunts that are fueling entertainment. Also, there's Prom Queen Camp. And kissing.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, February 6th! The party will once again be hosted by the Westbury Barnes & Noble on Long Island, but instead of pink hair streaks I will be handing out, you guessed it, pink tiaras! Also sashes go to anyone willing to wear a prom dress to the event. There will even be a grand prize basket for the winner of the UGLIEST PROM DRESS competition! Tell your friends and hit those thrift stores! I've been searching high and low for a super-shiny gown circa mid-to-late 1980s and I challenge anyone to find a more hideous dress than mine! Looking forward to what promises to be a fun and humiliating evening - Come hungry for Cake!
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It's button-making time! Inbox me if you want one!

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Writers Write...
...but not necessarily on their blog.

There are a few common signs that I am working on a new book. This quiet bolg. The taller-than-usual pile of laundry lurking in the corner. My drastically increased ingestion of tea and of course... the chunky milk. Like the turning leaves signaling autumn, chunky milk is a harbinger of new novels being written by me.

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Between all the biking, hiking, swimming and sunning this summer I worked on revisions for both of my 2014 books. I am notoriously poor at multitasking, but for the sake of all things summertime fun, I made it work. In spite of my tight deadlines we managed to suck every bit of juice out of July and August. We even took a two week road trip from NY to the Grand Canyon purely for the rich and lasting family memories. Okay, so I was revising in hotel rooms late each night and I suppose if my recently finished road trip book proposal manages to sell it could technically be considered a research trip as well. But mostly... rich and lasting family memories.

Now that the boy and the girl are tucked back in school and I've mourned the end of summer with an astonishing lack of maturity, I'm working on two new book ideas simultaneously. On one hand I'm all, "YAY! SHINY NEW PROJECTS! ACTUAL WRITING IS HAPPENING!!" and on the other hand I'm a little, "Oh, right. I still suck at multitasking." But I am getting the hang of it. Hey look, I even managed to spread a few words over here.

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Sh*t Debut Authors Say
laurie boyle crompton

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Pink Teen Me!
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You may recall a while back I wrote a letter for the awesome Dear Teen Me site. It was so much fun I've written another one and this time I talk about THE PINK CAR! You should go read it.

You've got (fan) mail!
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Posted over at Emu's Debuts today about the awesomeness of getting fanmail!

All the Places!
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My first two weeks as a published author have been ah-mazing and I'm beyond thrilled over the support Blaze has been getting! Rather than clogging everyone's facebook feed for the foreseeable future, I decided to do a small round-up of some fun spots that are featuring Blaze online. Come and visit All the Places! (And there's a surprise book trailer in there somewhere!)

My awesome launch party got a mention in Publisher's Weekly!! Squeee! Those are my lovely cousins Annie and Emma all superhero'ed up for the party.

I was interviewed over at Writer's Digest which was a thrill since I read their magazine for years while researching how to get published!

Melessa Walker featured the tale of my changing book cover over on her blog.
I wrote an article about female superheroes for RT Books titled 'Women Wear Tights Too!'

The fabulous Bumble Girl came to my launch party and did a cool post on it over at Bumbles and Fairy-Tales - complete with video! Woot!

My amazing friend and critique partner Alison was at my reading at the NYPL and featured Blaze in her Splashing About Books series!

I'm debuting over at Badass Bookie today as a debutante - I got to pick out a dress to wear and everything!
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I've been getting a ton of blogger love! Yay! I heart book bloggers! Here's one of my favorites over at Bewitched Bookworms!

And saving best for last Blaze is on Sourcbooks Spotlight as the First Inaugural Teen Book Club Pick! And scroll down to check out the shiny new book trailer! Super-Squeee!

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